Dynox Poll

Dynox Poll

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We at CloudExis are considering getting Dynox registered as an officially registered business.

Not only would it greatly improve the trust others have for our brand, it would unlock amazing perks for Dynox that would allow it to function in a better way. Being registered also has a few downsides, but I do not believe the downsides outweigh the upsides. We have provided a few options for the suffix Dynox users can choose between, those are below. Dynox will remain a subsidiary of CloudExis LLC regardless of choice.

  • Dynox, Inc
  • Dynox Corp
  • Dynox Co

Dynox will continue with the plans to get free hosting back online. Dynox will also continue with the plan of publishing Minecraft mods, and other server software, so please stay tuned for those!


Sydney Morrison

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